Get to the Point

If you know me at all, this article may sound crazy. I do not like to be a hypocrite, and I would never teach you something that I myself don’t know. I admit that in non-fiction, I do not get to the point well. In this article, I will probably not get to the point well. However, on this blog, I speak about action/adventure, and in my fiction writing, I get to the point.

People read fiction books for fiction, not for rambling. They want to enjoy themselves, visualize the story, and in general just have a great time. They do not want to know details that will not enhance the story.

Details that make the picture clearer, better, are great. Details that say more about the characters are great. But, some people take this too far.

For example, I have read things that do not affect the storyline at all, like saying word by word that someone ate a bag of chips, watching TV, and enjoyed himself.

Yes, I’m all for giving details like that, because they give the reader a better view, but please leave it to something like what I wrote above. If your details either don’t affect the storyline or don’t give the reader a better picture, then they don’t enhance the story. Many people write for themselves; the thing to focus on is your reader. Always write for reader, and only put things in your stories that will enhance their experience.

I guess I didn’t ramble on too much in this post. Look at your stories—are there any unnecessary details?

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