Gordon Korman

Hey guys, today I would like to talk about someone whom I will most likely be talking about a lot on this blog, someone who is my writing idol, who talk to me to write well, who inspired me to write GOOD books.

What I mean by “good” books is that the writing of this man is simply tremendous. In fact, when asked how I would most want to have dinner with, although I’d already met him, I still choose him.

He’s written over 70 books for young adults, including the first when he was twelve.

In my opinion, Gordon Korman epitomizes the genre of action/adventure. The novels that he writes are simply classics, even after they’ve been out for just a few days.

Gordon has a style of writing that I would do almost anything to have, although I think that I am now coming nearer and nearer to it as I progress as an author. His style is to have the main idea of kids taking matters into their own hands. Really, that’s what kids want to read about, becausethey themselves want to control matters. The events in some of his books are fascinating, and yet real.

He would never write something that could not happen in real life, and he himself has said that his ideas stem from real life. “It’s probably about 50% real life, 50% imagination…by the end, you can’t really notice the real life, because my imagination has changed it, but I couldn’t have gotten there without it.”

Another staple of his writing is that he never really tries to teach lessons in his books. Now, I am not saying that there are not messages in them, but they are not forced in, yet come simply by nature, and it is obvious that he didn’t plan them. He once said that he is a kid pleaser, and doesn’t care about reviewers. It just goes to show that the authors who deliberately and unsubtly place lessons in their books care more about getting artificial sales from the committees. All that Gordon cares about is that people actually enjoy his writing, and couldn’t care less whether he got sales from people who don’t want to read it just because the school system loves awards.

Finally, the words he uses are so vivid, so descriptive, that anyone can understand completely what’s going on. He does not use weak words like some authors, but powerful ones that really show the whole story.

So, who is your favorite author?

For more information go to Gordon’s Official Website, check out this video, this video, this video (go to special events, click on 39 Clues Book Two Webcast, and go to “full webcast”), and this video.

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