Hope Cahill a Lucian?

There is a prominent theory going around amongst many clue hunters. Unlike other theories, I can definitely see why a strong, experienced clue hunter would believe this. It does in fact seem very likely, but for it to be true, there would a contradiction among information.

Dan and Amy’s Branch

People (especially me) are anxious to find out Dan and Amy’s branch. Why? Because if we know that, then the rest of the story basically falls right into place.

There are definitely a lot of things to take into consideration when forming your opinion, especially because almost anything could be considered a hint. As I’ve mentioned before, there are false leads, and there are real leads. It’s our job here to figure out which are true.

Hope Cahill’s Branch

One of the many leads which may tell us who the siblings owe their allegiance to is the question of their mother’s branch.

It Wouldn’t Help Us that Much

In my opinion, although it would help a lot, knowing her branch still wouldn’t tell us for sure what Dan and Amy’s is.

The reason for that is because take for example Gideon and Olivia Cahill (this is an example that I use a lot!). They had five kids, but for now we’ll just focus on the known four: Katherine (Ekaterina), Jane (Janus), Luke (Lucian), and Thomas (Tomas). They all founded the branches in parenthesis. Therefore they and their parents all belonged to different branches (something that I’ll look more into later) .

Another example that I like to use is that in Gordon Korman’s live webcast for book two, he says that he and his son are of different branches (Gordon is a Janus while his son is a Lucian). When asked the question if it’s possible that Dan and Amy are of different branches, he responded with the visibly cautious answer that anything is possible. This means to me that people who are related don’t have to be in the same branch. And, if you think about it, as Gordon also mentioned, we’re actually all related. Imagine how many million kids at the moment are part of your family at this moment, and how much that number will decrease when the hunt is officially over.

Okay, So What am I Talking About?

As you can tell, I have a tendency to ramble on and on and on. If you’ve made it through all the above content, you’re probably wondering what in the world am I talking about?

Is Hope Cahill a Lucian?

Okay, so what these people believe is that Hope Cahill belongs to the Lucian branch. I can remember reading book one and taking it for granted that she was part in that clan. Probably because there was so much focus on the Lucian’s and the puzzle that Dan solved. Of course, we’ve come a long way since then, and here’s what fuels the argument at this point:

On a card (Scholastic would probably sue me if I showed it here, so I’m not going to do that), it shows instant messaging between Alistair and Hope. On the desktop, there is a folder called “Lucian Codes.” This could mean that she’s a Madrigal, who managed to hack into the Lucian system, but what about the other branches?

In another card, there is a message from Grace to Hope where Grace says that Lucian’s solve the code especially quickly.

Why this is Not the Case

While that evidence is compelling, and she may have been a Lucian at one point, or at least pretended to be one, she certainly wasn’t at the end of her life.

The reason for this is that when the fire was set to her and her husband’s lives, Isabel Kabra was the one who instituted it. She would obviously not risk losing valuable agents. What is likely is that either Hope had hacked the system or started out as a Lucian but then took the clues for themselves. We all know that they were hiding things from them, certainly.

So, even if she was a Lucian by heritage, she wasn’t by the end of her life.

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