Ian and Natalie Cabra

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One of the clue hunting teams who goes against Amy and Dan in the search are the Cabra siblings. Their names are Ian and Natalie, and their parents are the ruthless Lucian branch leaders Vikram and Isabel.

Although, they are believed to be dangerous, they are lagging behind Dan and Amy with zero clues as revealed in Book Six. If their closest competitors are so far behind, it is obvious that Amy and Dan are winning. However, they have spied on the Young Cahills before, and have been ready to poison them with dart guns if necessary.

Ian is fourteen while Natalie is eleven. It is perceived in the books that they are both very good looking, but in my opinion, they actually aren’t. Of course, though, it’s a matter of opinion, and it doesn’t  have anything to do with the clue hunt.

Amy has a crush on Ian, and it is debatable whether or not Ian also has feelings for Amy, because he has gone to great lengths to harm her, although the descriptions in the books seem to imply that he does, it might just be an act. Obviously, though, Ian could still love her but kill her to get the clues; the Cahill’s will stop at nothing to get the clues.

Also, at the end of book two, Ian and Natalie were badly injured, and it was believed by many, including me, that they were out of the race. However, in book three, they were back, as good as new, without much focus placed on it. Therefore, in my opinion, they have been replaced by Madrigals, since it has been revealed in many places, although I won’t get into it now, that the Madrigals impersonate other Cahill’s. However, there is not concrete evidence, so it is up in the air.

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  1. […] and Natalie Cabra…Impersonated by Madrigals? I touched on this here, but I think that this is easily important enough to have it’s own post, and probably […]

  2. I forgot they got wounded in book two. Right!!! When they were playing the piece and supposedly blew up. You might be right. I am to old for this series but i don’t care. It’s good


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