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These series of articles are so important that I’m going to post them in two places on this site, to make sure that everyone finds them: Under the Dan and Amy bar, and the Branch bar.

Before we begin, I would like to make a disclaimer that this is only my opinion and my interpretation of the facts. Someone said that we all have the same information, but I disagree. It all depends on how cunning you are, and what your brain power is. So, here is my theory on what branch the young Cahill’s belong to.

This is a touchy area, because everyone wants them to be a part of their own branch. I’ll tell you right away: It’s not any of your branches, at least in my opinion. Here is the evidence:

Simply click on the following links to discover the evidence and my take on what branch Dan and Amy belong to. Happy clue-hunting!

Ekaterina Theory

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