The Madrigals

Main Page: The 39 Clues

I know that there are more key pages that I could be writing about right now, but in my opinion, the Madrgials are the most important thing in the clue hunt.

Yes, you read that right.

As a clue hunter, I do not say that lightly, but it is undoubtedly true to maybe not absolutely be the most important, but it is certainly up there with some others, which are too involved to get into here, because this is about simply the Madrigals.

Of course, I will go into much more detail on the pages which I link to on this, but for now, here’s what I believe. Keep in mind that I will give the evidence on the pages:

  1. Olivia Cahill had another child besides Luke, Katherine, Jane, and Thomas. Her name was Madeline, and she founded the Madrigal branch.
  2. Madeline had another child, possibly two more, one of them lead to Dan and Amy
  3. The Madrigals have all the clues, since they destroy people with the clues. Therefore, they would’ve stolen them from those people. However, there is something that is stopping them from making the Philosopher’s Stone
  4. For some reason, they need Amy and Dan to do certain things. They may be the key to making the stone
  5. The Man in Black is Fiske Cahill, Grace’s brother

For infinitely important details, click on the links below. More will be added as they become available:

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