Ian and Natalie Kabra…Impersonated by Madrigals?

I touched on this here, but I think that this is easily important enough to have it’s own post, and probably infinitely more.

What I am proposing here is that there is a strong possibility that Ian and Natalie were impersonated by Madrigals. I have not found anyone who believes this except for me, so this may need more developing:

At the end of book two, Amy and Dan are about to snag a clue when Ian and Natalie roll in to steal the clue. Ian plays the notes on the piano, but he doesn’t know that one of the key’s is bobby-trapped, something that the Cahill siblings learned from their beloved Grandmother Grace.

The piano exploded, and the Kabras were badly injured. They were in very bad shape, certainly not well enough to participate in the deadly hunt. At the time, it was well known that they were out.

However, somehow, people forgot all about it. Sometimes I’ll mention their injury to some fellow clue hunters,  and they had completely forgotten. It’s probably because it was never really mentioned, and it was basically glazed over in book three. I have not forgotten, though, and I have always kept it in mind as I have searched for the clues.

The reason why I haven’t been really paying that much attention to it is because, in my opinion, it really is not that important. I do not care much about Ian and Natalie, as it was released in book six that they had no clues, and I had suspected as much. Therefore, they are not really central to the quest compared to other things.

It has become definite to me that they have been impersonated by Madrigals. We all know that Madrigals impersonate Cahill’s, as shown in various different places which I will not get into on this page, and it is impossible for them to continue after such a bad accident. Have you noticed that Ian and Natalie are not as ruthless and seem nicer in the previous four books than in the first two books? Isn’t also sort of suspicious that they have not really been a threat at all? The Madrigals obviously have a plan that doesn’t involve the Lucian’s getting the clues. It seems almost as if they have been helping Amy and Dan, which I’ll cover more in other posts and pages.

So, what do you think?

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