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Update: I made a video on this, as well. In my opinion, it’s good to both read and watch, since they are totally different experiences.

As I have said many times and continue to say, there are many different leads in the 39 Clues. A lot of them do lead to something, but, on the other hand, a lot of them don’t. It is our responsibility to figure out which are true, and which are false.

One of the main theories around is that they are Ekaterina, at least among less experienced clue hunters who haven’t yet discovered all of the evidence. This is because yes, there are some clues which to that fact.

Unsubstantial evidence by itself are simply unsubstantial. However, if there is enough of it, it mounts up, and that is surely the case in the theory of Dan and Amy being Ekaterina. There is not only the hint of Alistair, but throughout the books, especially in Book One, there are descriptions of dragons on things. There was a dragon on Grace’s necklace, dragon’s on her carpet’s, etc.  Basically, there were a lot of dragons.

However the reason why I don’t think that this means anything is that in the books, or somewhere else someone, I can’t remember who, said that Grace choose to not side with any one branch. In a card and in a mission, the Ekaterina leadership also seemed very angry at Grace, and called her “difficult,” they were also mad at one of their branch members for having her fly a clue down, especially since she crash-landed the plane.

Because of those two reasons, I think that even if Grace was an Ekaterina, it wouldn’t matter, because she didn’t give her allegiance to any of the branches, and certainly since the Ekaterina seem to hate her so much, it seems doubtful that they would want Dan and Amy, unless, of course, they found all of the clues.

In book one, Uncle Alistair remarked to them that Grace’s father, James Cahill, and Alistair’s grandfather were brothers. There is so much information out there that is impossible to figure out what is a real lead and what is not. Almost every word in the books, online, and on the cards can be interpreted as meaning something. However, some of it is just part of the storyline. This, I don’t think, is one of them, but I do think that it is harmless and means something, but not what people think that it does.

I think that it is very possible for brothers and sisters to belong to different branches (no, I don’t think that Dan belongs to the Tomas branch and Amy belongs to the Ekaterina branch as this (insert link) video suggests. I think that it just happened to be that way, and they didn’t want to make it too long, but fit in all of the branches and Dan and Amy’s respective names), as Gordon Korman seemed to have suggested in his live webcast (insert link) when he hinted that brothers and sisters could belong to different branches.

He did this by, when asked the question if they could, saying that his son and he were of different branches (Gordon is Janus and his son is Lucian), and that anything was possible.

Another evidence of this is that the original Cahill’s, or the sons and daughters of the original’s (Gideon and Olivia, whom I believe are central to the mystery), Katherine for Ekaterina, Luke for Lucian, Jane for Janus, and Thomas for Tomas, were all of different branches. If they had not invented the branches, then there would be no branches, which is another point which means a lot to the hunt.

Therefore, it seems likely that James and Alistair’s Grandfather were not even in the same branch. However, it is very possible that although this is not substantial evidence on it’s own, if there is enough unsubstantial evidence, it could amount to something substantial. I will continue to analyze all of the evidence and find out which evidence is the most substantial.

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