Dan and Amy

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Of course, it is the central point of every story, except for maybe the plot. It is what the most time is spent on, they are the big mystery.

If you saw the title, then you know that who I am talking about is Dan and Amy. If you didn’t see the title, I hope that you would’ve known anyways. If not, then go here.

On these series of pages, I will write theories and updates on Dan and Amy. Here, though, I would like to give you an introduction.

Dan is eleven years old, while Amy is fourteen. Dan loves gross things, candy, puzzles, math, video games, weapons, and is very hyper. Amy loves books, and hates being in front of a crowd. Sometimes she has dreams where she’s at the bottom of a pit, and everyone who she knows is looking into the pit, pointing, and laughing at her.

By one another, it is obvious that they couldn’t possibly stand a chance. However, together, they form a dynamic team. Amy get’s the information, while Dan puts it together and solves it.

Their parents are Hope Cahill and Arthur Trent. There are rumors that Arthur is not a Cahill, but there is no proof and it seems obvious that Hope would not let a non-Cahill into the hunt. They died in a suspicious fire which is one of the central mysteries of the story and I’ll cover in other places on this site.

Their Grandmother is Grace, who is probably the most suspicious person in the hunt. Some say that the Man in Black is, but there is proof about him, which I’ll cover later. She trained them for the hunt, and was their favorite. She died of cancer, though.

To see much, much more on the secrets of Dan and Amy, go to the following links. More will be added as they become available.

Amy and Dan’s Branch

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