The Fire

What happened the night of the fire of Arthur and Hope is one of the central mysteries to the 39 Clues. I know that I say it a lot, but there are boatloads of mysteries in the clue hunt. This one of the ones where if we could know all of the exact details, then we would be a lot closer to understanding what is going on. This is one of those mysteries.

To get closer to find it out, we must put together the evidence that we have to work with, piece by piece. If we do that, we will know all about the clues before the competition does, and that really is what the 39 Clues is all about.

As I pointed out here (insert link) anyone who reads the books, sleeps, and is a money spender can find out the 39 Clues. The goal is to be first.

As one of the front runners for the clues, I am already planning my strategy for the day when the tenth book comes out. I expect that there will be a whole bunch of people with 38 clues, and we’ll all just be waiting to enter in the code. Basically, all heck is going to break loose.

Another thing that is more likely is that they’ll release the mission after the book, so as to not give people the secrets of the cards just for the contest.

Or, there might be an odd twist that Scholastic puts in place. Whatever they do, we’re going to go CRAZY.

So, look below for the links. More will be added as they become available.

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