Arthur Trent not a Cahill?

This post is not infinitely important, but as with a lot of my content, it is just to dispel myths with common sense. And really, common sense is the key to figuring out The 39 Clues, because a lot of ideas get into people’s head which they then perceive to be fact, which has no common sense whatsoever.

This is another post to get those out of your mind, and today the myth is that many people believe that Arthur Trent is not a Cahill. When I first heard that rumor, I was skeptical. I looked into it on the web and found no evidence at all. Here are the two possible scenarios:

  1. It’s crazy

I think that this is what is most likely to be possible. Now, I’m not dogging the people who believe this, because once a rumor gets started, people usually blindly assume that’s its true and spread it around. The more people saying it, the more true it becomes.

It simply doesn’t make sense, unless point two is correct. Why would Hope let an outsider into her exclusive clan? It is also proven that they searched for the clues together. The prospect of a non-Cahill searching for the clues just doesn’t seem believable to me. Please tell me if I’m missing something.

2. There’s another branch of the Cahill family which we don’t know about

This is very possible, and I actual do believe it to some extent, although it is just a hunch, and there is no concrete evidence behind it. However, and this is just my belief, there are many out there, that Madeline, the founder of the Madrigal Branch, another daughter of Olivia Cahill, which I’ll talk in more detail about on the site part of this site had a daughter, who started another branch. I actually know the name of the believed branch, but I don’t want to throw you off track with incorrect information.

It’s possible that Olivia cheated on Gideon, so the Madrigal’s are only half related to the Cahills. That would make a lot of sense since Amy, Dan, Grace, Fiske, etc. are the only one’s who still bear the name Cahill, and that may mean that they are disconnected from the other part of the family in some way.

So, I really don’t know. There isn’t any proof that I can see, but that’s just one pair of eyes.

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