Amy an Ekaterina? Dan a Tomas?

I know that I’ve already quickly dismissed this question in my main pages about the 39 Clues which has much more content and goes into more detail, because everything is linked together to form a big picture.

However, I would like to make a blog post (I don’t think it’s important enough for it’s own page) dispelling the myths about Amy being an Ekaterina and Dan being a Tomas.

If you look at the video below, then you will see the source of which all of this came from.

After watching this, I would like to say why I think that this is not true, and why you should definitely not believe it:

Okay, well, the reason is that, first, this is definitely unsubstantial evidence. That is because although it was produced by Scholastic, who runs the series, as it can be found on the Scholastic website, it could be a HUGE clue. However, I don’t think so, because it seems to me like they were trying to get in all of the branches and, of course, Amy and Dan’s names. Also, it looks like they are more pointing towards the thing in the middle, which is the Cahill’s. I think that is a clue that they belong to the Cahill’s, not any of the four branches. I still think that the video is insignificant anyways, because as you will be able to find on various pages on this site, it has been said that Grace did not owe her allegiance to any one branch. It is not set in stone, but seems likely that if she didn’t believe in giving herself to any one branch, neither did Hope, therefore Arthur Trent, and therefore Dan and Amy. I think that, instead, they belong to a different branch, which I don’t want to get into right now.

If there was more evidence for this, then I might pay it some merit. However, one piece of evidence, on it’s own, does not really hold a candle. It is certainly a possibility, but until further notice, it seems like a false lead.

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