The 39 Clues: Why We Like It

I know that the 39 Clues isn’t the real world, but it feels that way.

I was reminded of that today when I was speaking to another 39 Clues enthusiast, whose first name is Ana, and we were locked in an intense conversation about the Madrigals and Dan and Amy’s branch. Anyways, as we were talking, my friend, Diego, walked up and sat down. It wasn’t until he asked, “Is this real?” when I realized how odd it must have been for him. I have told him about this great book series, but he hasn’t really embraced it.

That’s why we’re so attracted to it: “It’s not just the books, it’s not just the cards; it’s a whole world, and that world is our world. This did not happen long long ago in a galaxy far far away.”

That was said by Gordon Korman, in his 39 Clues Webcast December 2nd at 1:00. Those of you who are really into probably also participated in the chat, as well, and watched it over and over again. Of course, Gordon Korman is my favorite author, so that changes the rules.

But, really, he’s right. This could be real. This could happen in real life. Actually, I find that scary, but I always come back again and again, because I’m addicted, like millions of other kids in “…over a hundred different countries…” (Gordon Korman!).

There are many who think that this is actually going on in our world know. Believers of conspiracy theories such as the Illuminati (if you’ve never heard of them, then just be glad).

The books are like the Illuminati, because these people are scientists experimenting for “something,” that will give them world domination. They also are believed to control the world through black magic and are the New World Order.

The thing that makes that theory so unbelievable is that if they really controlled the world through black magic, then it’s obvious that they would already have seized power.

The 39 Clues, though, is a real-life version of the Illuminati, and that addicts people.

Also, it’s the desire to know what happens. It has been proven that what we don’t know both scares us and fascinates us. Have you ever wondered why you keep going back again and again to the things that frighten us most? It is because, oddly, we want to know more about them. Our passion for the 39 Clues is such that we have to know what branch Amy and Dan is. We have to know the secret. There are way too many secrets in the 39 Clues to count, which undoubtedly is responsible for a large part of its appeal.

Many secrets will be answered on February 2nd, 2010, when book seven comes out. In it, Amy and Dan’s branch (s) will be revealed.

The card pack comes out as well, which has the secrets of the Madrigals, Ian Cabra’s secrets, and much more. I know I’ll have my hands on it that day; will you?

For more about the 39 Clues and updates, check out the sidebar and go here.

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